Joy of Receiving 

22 10 2015

Somehow we have come to belive that the greatest act is the ‘act of giving’. We celebrate and glorify such ‘acts’, we legislate such ‘acts’ … We create modern fests like ‘joy of giving’. 

All that we have is a gathering of – food, air, sun & memory. Every bit of that which we ‘have’ has come to us. Meaning we are ‘giving’ that which we have merely gathered. Given this reality, isn’t it obscene to celebrate our ‘acts of giving’; coz what we can give away, of whatever magnitude, will always be miniscule in comparison to the receipts. 
We are fortunate that in this culture, in India , we have festivals n rituals that remind us of the above fact. And prompts us to show gratefulness and reverance towards all that one is receiving. A human being is a sum total of receipts from cosmos. And today, on #Vijayadashmi we celebrate the Receipts. A day that asks us to experience the JOY OF RECEIVING. 
And hence in this culture, we decorate and bow down, even to the inanimate tools and objects that contribute towards our life. Farmers worship farm tools, an entrepreneur worships the machines, an armyman worships his weaponry so on and so forth. The sheer joy of receiving. 
We should also not forget that the ultimate machine we have is the body and mind; lets celebrate and feel the JOY OF RECEIVING.
Now if we are receiving, some source is giving. And that source is existence itself. And so if we humans are a piece of existence than ‘giving’ has to be looked at as our nature and not as an ‘act’ to perform. The realisation of the immensity of receipts when leads to ‘giving’ , it ceases to be an ‘act’ and starts becoming your nature. That is the ultimate. 
Existence doesnt take ‘pride’ when it ‘gives’ us air to breathe; it just gives, its her nature. And thats how we should be. 
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Kadach.Shayad.Maybe – A soliloquy of despair : announcing the bilingual music video created for the World Without Rape Initiative.

14 01 2015

kadach poster2

My Dearest well wisher,

It is said that pain is the seed from which empathy germinates. Two years ago, the day after the ‘nirbhaya’ incident I read the description of it in the newspaper. It was appalling to even read through and I felt an immense pain within me. For many days my tears would not stop. That pain came out through me in the form of a poem. Encouraged by my teachers and friends, and good faith as my intent, I decide to make an attempt to reach out to you all with that poem.

It was impossible for me to digest the fact that in today’s time, the pride of all – 21st century- there still is a reality where a person can inflict unbearable violence upon other person. We all are aware about the presence and magnitude of such events in our society, but on that day I felt an empathy towards that pain. I am aware that neither will I be able to experience or know even a hint of that pain, which she had to go through, and I pray that no being has to go through it ever, having said that I feel it is important for us as a society to connect with this pain and develop sensitivity towards this reality.

Kadach. Shayad (Maybe) – a soliloquy of despair, is the cry of a victimized woman. If she were able to express, would she express anger or despair? ‘Kadach.Shayad’ is the expression of that despair. ‘Kadach.Shayad’ is asking  men to remember that he is nothing but a sum total of contributions that all the women in his life have made.

The shameful fact of the world is, that while a man victimizes a woman, he forgets that every contribution, he is unable to view the forms of mother, sister, friend, lover or daughter in every woman. The attempt to culminate this pain, despair and sorrow in the form of music, poetry and visuals is – ‘Kadach.Shayad’ (Maybe)

We hope that this attempt in creativity is able to sensitize the men and society at large and that a seed of empathy gets sowed in our collective minds, so as to be able to dream a dream where there is no violence, a dream of a World Without Rape.

Uttarayan essentially means movement, that brings in a change in earths position with respect to sun, in the cosmos. Starting now, for the next 6 months the earths tilt shall bring it closer to the sun. This is the time for new beginnings, it is time to aspire for and work towards a better world for us and for generations to come.

With a hope that, in my life time, I be able to see a world without rape, as an artist, this music video is my small contribution towards that aspiration.

This creation was made possible due to the contributions of some amazing and well-intended individuals that I met while on course. Today, at the point of Sankranti (19.34.43 IST 14th January, 2015) I make this offering to the world.

If our work touches your heart, than make an attempt to join other hearts with this message of sensitivity. Our only expectation is that our work becomes a medium to share and spread the message of sensitivity.

Yours and everyones,

Mihir Gajrawala

Below links shall take you to the video.

‘Kadach’ (Gujarati Version) :

‘Shayad’ (HIndi Version) :

Read this blog in Gujarati :

Read this blog in Hindi :

Kadach.Shayad.Maybe – A soliloquy of despair : announcing the Hindi music video

14 01 2015

kadach poster2

प्रिय स्वजन,

कहते है की वेदना में से ही संवेदना जनम लेती है। २ साल पहले, निर्भया अत्याचार के अगले दिन जब अख़बार में उस दुर्घटना के बारे में पढ़ा , तो एक असह्य पीडा का अनुभव हुआ। कई दिनों तक आँखों से आंसू निकलते रहे। वो पीड़ा , को वेदना मुझमे से एक काव्य के रूप में प्रकट हुई। मेरे शिक्षक और मेरे मित्रो के प्रोत्साहन से प्रेरित होके उस काव्य को एक अच्छे कारण केलिए आप सब तक पहुचने का प्रयास किया है।

हम जिस २१मि सदी का गर्व करते है, वही २१मि सदी में एक जीव दूसरे जीव पे इतना घिनौना अत्याचार कर सकता है , ये हकीकत को स्वीकार करना मेरे लिए असंभव था। हम सब जानते है, की इस कक्षा के अत्याचार समाज में सदियों से चलते आ रहे है, और काफी मात्रा में फैले भी है। पर उस दिन उस दुर्घटना को जान मैं वो वेदना से रूबरू हो सका। जानता हु के वो असह्य पीड़ा कैसी होगी, और उस जीव ने क्या सहन किया होगा उसका एक अंश भी मैं जान या समझ नहीं पाउँगा, और प्रार्थना करूँगा के किसी को भी ऐसी वेदना सहन न करनी पड़े ; पर ऐसे अत्याचार में से उमटती वेदना के साथ हम सबकी संवेदना मिले वो हमारे समाज केलिए बहुत ज़रूरी है।

‘शायद’ – अ सोलिलोकी ऑफ़ डिस्पेर (निराशा का आत्मभाषण), वो घिनौने अत्याचार गुज़ारा गया हो ऐसी एक स्त्री की वेदना का आत्मभाषण है। अगर वो पीड़ित स्त्री को शब्द मिले तो क्या वो गुस्सा होगी या अपनी निराशा बयान करेगी ? ‘शायद’ वो निराशा है. ‘शायद’ वो हर पुरुष को याद करवाता है, के वो उसके जीवन में होती हर एक स्त्री के पोषण का योगफल है।

लज्जाजनक हकीकत है की फिर भी स्त्री पे अत्याचार गुज़ारते वक़्त पुरुष उन स्त्रिओ का योगदान भूल जाता है , और स्त्री में माता, बहन, सखी, जीवनसंगिनी या बेटी का रूप देख नहीं पाता। ये पीड़ा, निराशा और वेदना से भरे काव्य को – संगीत और दृश्य के सहारे आप सब के सामने प्रस्तुत करने का हमारा प्रयत्न है – ‘शायद’

आशा है की इस वेदना को समझ के, शायद हम सब में संवेदना जनम ले और हम एक ऐसी दुनिया का सपना देखने सक्षम बने, के जिसमे कोई जीव दूसरे जीव पे हिंसा न करे।

उत्तरायन याने पृथ्वी की स्थिति में बदलाव। अगले ६ महीने पृथ्वी सूरज की तरफ ढली रहे ऐसी स्थिति बनी रहेगी। यही समय है नयी शरुआत का , नयी परिस्थिति का निर्माण करनेका।

मेरे जीवन काल में मैं हिंसा और अत्याचार से मुक्त दुनिया देख सकु उस उद्देश्य के साथ , एक कलाकार की हैसियत से , इस म्यूसिक विडिओ के रूपमे, मेरा एक छोटा सा योगदान।

बहुत ही उम्दा और समरुचिपूर्ण कलाकारों के साथ मिलके जो सर्जन किया है , वो संक्रांति के ये पल पर ( 19.34.43 IST 14 जनवरी 2015) दुनिया को अर्पित करता हु।

अगर आपके दिल तक हमारी बात पहोच सके तो दूसरे दिलो को भी इस संवेदना के अनुभव से जोड़े। हमारी प्रस्तुति एक नेक विचार के सिंचन का साधन बने वही अपेक्षा के साथ…

आपका और सबका,
मिहिर गजरवाला

नीचेकी लिंक पे क्लिक करने से विडिओ देख सकेंगे

‘शायद’ (Hindi version) :

Kadach.Shayad.Maybe – A soliloquy of despair : announcing the Gujarati music video.

14 01 2015

kadach poster2પ્રિય સ્વજન,

કહેવાય છે કે વેદના માંથીજ સંવેદના નો જનમ થાય છે. 2 વર્ષ અગાઉ, નિર્ભયા અત્યાચાર ના બીજા દિવસે જયારે સમાચાર પત્ર માં એ કૃત્ય નું વર્ણન વાચ્યું, તો જાણે  એક અસહ્ય પીડા અનુભવી. ઘણા દિવસો સુધી આંખ ના અશ્રુ ના સુકાયા.  એ પીડા એ વેદના મારા થકી  એક કાવ્ય સ્વરૂપે ઉત્પન્ન થઇ.  શિક્ષકો અને મિત્રો ના પ્રોત્સાહન થી પ્રેરાઈ ને એ કાવ્યને એક સારા હેતુસર આપ સૌ સુધી પહોચાડવાનો એક પ્રયત્ન કર્યો છે. 

આપણે જે 21મી સદી નું ગૌરવ કરીએ છીએ, એજ 21મી સદીમાં એક જીવ બીજા જીવ પર આટલો કારમો અત્યાચાર ગુજારી શકે છે , એ હકીકત પચાવી મારા માટે અશક્ય હતી.  આપણે જાણ્યે છીએ કે આ કક્ષા ના અત્યાચાર સમાજ માં ચાલતા આવ્યા છે, અને ઘણી માત્રા  માં વ્યાપક પણ છે. પણ એ દિવસે એ કિસ્સા ને જાણી હું એ વેદના સાથે જોડાયો. જાણું છું એ અસહ્ય પીડા શું હશે અને એ જીવે શું સહન કર્યું હશે એનું અંશ માત્ર પણ હું કદાચ જાણી કે અનુભવી નથી શકવાનો , અને ઈચ્છીશ કે કોઈએ પણ આ પ્રકાર ની વેદના ક્યારેય સહન ના કરવી પડે ; પણ આ અત્યાચાર  માંથી ઉત્પન્ન થતી વેદના સાથે આપણી  સંવેદના જોડાય એ આપણા સમાજ માટે જરૂરી છે.

‘કદાચ’ – અ સોલીલોકી ઓફ ડીસ્પેર (નિરાશા નું આત્મસંભાષણ) , એ કારમો અત્યાચાર ગુજારાયેલ એક સ્ત્રી ની વેદના નું આત્મસંભાષણ છે. જો એ પીડિત સ્ત્રી ને વાચા હોય તો શું એ ગુસ્સો કરે કે નિસાસો નાખે ? ‘કદાચ’ એ નિસાસો છે. ‘કદાચ’ એ દરેક પુરુષ ને યાદ કરાવે છે કે એ, એના જીવન માં રહેલી સ્ત્રીઓ એ કરેલા પોષણ નો  સરવાળો માત્ર  છે.

શરમજનક હકીકત છે કે છતાય અત્યાચાર ગુજારતી વખતે પુરુષ, સ્ત્રી નું યોગદાન ભૂલી, સ્ત્રી માં માતા, બેન, સખી, જીવનસંગીની  કે દીકરી નું સ્વરૂપ જોઈ શકતો નથી. આ પીડા, નિરાશા અને વેદના ભરેલ કાવ્ય – સંગીત અને દ્રશ્યો ના સહારે આપ સૌ ની સમક્ષ રજુ કરવાનો અમારો પ્રયત્ન એટલે – ‘કદાચ’

આશા એજ કે આ વેદના માંથી કદાચ આપણા સૌ માં સંવેદના જનમ લે અને આપણે એક એવી દુનિયા નું સ્વપ્ના જોવા સક્ષમ બનીએ  કે જેમાં કોઈ જીવ બીજા જીવ પર હિંસા ના આચરે.

ઉત્તરાયણ એટલે પૃથ્વી ની સ્થિતિ માં ફેરફાર. આવતા 6 મહિના પૃથ્વી સૂર્ય થી નજીક ઢળેલી રહે એવી એની સ્થિતિ થશે. આજ સમય છે નવી શરૂઆતનો, નવી પરિસ્થિતિ નું સર્જન કરવાનો.

મારા જીવન કાળ માં હિંસા  ને અત્યાચાર મુક્ત  દુનિયા જોઈ શકું એ આશા સાથે , એક  કલાકાર તરીકે , આ મ્યુસિક વિડીઓ ના સ્વરૂપમાં , મારું એક નાનકડું યોગદાન.

ઘણા ઉત્કૃષ્ટ અને સહૃદયી કલાકારો મળ્યા અને અમે સાથે મળી જે સર્જન કર્યું છે તે સંક્રાંતિ ની આ પળે (19.34.43 IST 14મી જાન્યુઆરી 2015) દુનિયા ને અર્પણ કરું છું.

જો તમારા હૃદય થી અમારી વાત જોડાય તો બીજા હૃદયોને આ સંવેદના ના અનુભવ  સાથે જોડશો. અમારી પ્રસ્તુતિ એક સારા વિચાર ના સિંચન નું સાધન બને એજ અમારી અપેક્ષા.

આપનો અને સૌનો,

મિહિર ગજરાવાલા

નીચેની લીંક પર ક્લિક કરવાથી વિડીઓ જોઈ શકાશે

Gujarati :

We all are responsible.

18 12 2014

we all are responsible_peopleBetween 1971 and 2011 cases of rape registered a 873 percent jump in India. That is the biggest among all categories of crime. Not just India, the entire world scenario is bleak in this regard. At around every 2 minutes a sexual offense gets registered somewhere in the world.

While me along with the team at Mindful Ventures is occupied with promoting the idea of a ‘World Without Rape’,  the question that keeps coming up from across is “what should I do about it? I haven’t done anything wrong, and so there is nothing I could do about it.”

My response, “If it is happening, we all are responsible”

The onus of change approaches us, the generation living today. If it happens, as a unit of this society, we must accept responsibility.

If we do not act now, it will be never.

More than 95% of cases of rape have men as the victimiser. To me this simply means us, as societies have not raised good sons. Two simple things that any man can do is a) be a good son and b) raise a good son.

Until we raise our sons to be good, to be sensitive, to be responsible and caring, we cannot contain this brutality.

Individuals, families, Institutes, organizations we all need to do our bit, and create a world without rape; for us and for generations to come.

Is it too much to aspire for? I don’t think so.

What am I doing about it? – Below is how I chose to respond.

A) As an individual : I make a promise ‘I will never let women around me feel insecure. I will act to provide for her safety.’

B) As an entrepreneur : To the best of my abilities I am working to mobilize resources so as to establish an enterprise which becomes a catalyst for change. Mindful Ventures has taken up the initiative ‘World without rape’ with the above intention. We are not activists, we are a team trying to be a catalyst. To create interventions which has the ability to plant the seeds of change in the collective mind of the community. Mindful Ventures aims to do its bit by using music, poetry and visuals to spread the message of sensitivity and hope. Music video ‘kadach/shaayad/maybe’ is scheduled to release on youtube on 14th of January, 2015.

C) As an artist : Art plays a tremendous role in shaping the collective conscience of a society, and at the same time art is the record of the cultural fabric of the society at that point in time. As a writer, visualizer and a spoken word artist I wish to influence the collective minds of the community in the best possible way.

Yes I take responsibility for the brutality that exists in the society; and above is how I choose to respond. I am sure any one who aspires for a world without rape, will find his/her own way to do their bit.

World Without Rape.

18 12 2014

We all want a better tomorrow. Don’t we? We all are working for a better tomorrow, at least for our own selves. Or that is what we want ourselves to believe.

As we look around we see tremendous achievements being made in the fields of Medicine, Engineering, Communication, Energy, Construction, Space exploration so on and so forth. We take pride in self-patronizing our generation as the one that belongs to the celebrated 21st century!

But than we fail to accept the harsh reality of our times – which is the widespread existence of the menace called ‘Rape’. Whether we accept it or not, we are still a race that can inflict devastating pain to a fellow being.

By the time you would have reached this paragraph, somewhere a woman’s modesty would have been compromised. And I am in no mood of exaggeration. As per the latest UNODC report of 2012, 243853 is the number of recorded rape offenses across the globe. This means an offense is made at about every 2 minutes!!

And we are still waiting for the right time????

For me all the progress and achievements stands null, if a woman has to think twice even for a simple act of walking down the road!! While we have progressed everywhere, HUMANITY seems to be the area where we need to do a lot of work.

Wise men have said, that your achievements can never be bigger than your aspirations. It is aspirations which lead to positive transformation. And I aspire to live into a world, where there is no rape, no violence.

And I wish that we all collectively aspire for a transformed world.

Nothing more, nothing less, all I want is a world without rape.

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Mindful Ventures offers this visual identity to combine and connect all those souls who have dedicated their energy towardsthe idea of a world without rape.

It is time.

7 12 2014

The thought that lead to ‘Mindful Ventures’. – Note from my diary.

From the earliest memories of my life, I dreamt of outer space, and wanted to be an astronomer. As I grew up listening to religious fables, the seed of idealism found its way in me. Further, as an adolescent, I loved reading stories, and dreamt of writing my own one day. Just like any enchanted teenager, I thought I would make a film one day. Also, I wrote plots in my diary.

In the undergraduate years, I read philosophy, and fancied myself a philosopher, giving sermons to society.  After my post-graduation, I thought a teacher dwelt within me. At one point, I thought I could be a singer. Well, I could not help daydreaming! Over time, my love for literature, arts and music kept growing.

As an entrepreneur, I understood the need for responsibility, so I aspired for responsibility as an entrepreneur. I truly aspired to become an agent of change. As I started graying, I found I could package my thoughts as a speech, and I thought I should be a speaker. My saga continues.

Until this time, I pursued none of these dreams, nor have I made efforts to achieve those aspirations. I hesitated.  I have always waited for the right time.

As a citizen, as a unit of the society I inhabit, I see a lot of pressing issues that are preventing the society to be just. Individually and collectively we all have gotten in us ingrained, the art of procrastination. ‘It’s ok to delay; the time shall come’ – has become the societal norm.

It took one third of my life to realize every moment is the right time and hesitation equals death. Now, I realize it is time to kill the hesitation. It is time to live all the dreams; it is time to be all I never tried to be. It is time.

It is time.